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Tom Grimsley Joins Timm Funk Associates

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 16, 2016 5:15:42 PM / by Timm Funk

TGrimsleySM_011_square.jpgIf you’ve been in the area long enough, you know that Timm Funk Associates has helped many small and medium-sized businesses conquer obstacles that get in the way of their growth. We serve as part-time CFOs. We serve as strategic advisors. We help navigate fiscal issues, inventory management, compensation programs, process management, human resource concerns, and cash flow problems.


I never forget that we’re a business, too. Part of running a successful company is recognizing when a unique opportunity presents itself—and then cashing in on it, if and when the timing is right. This was the case when Tom Grimsley’s resume slid across my desk, and I realized exactly how much he could bring to the table, to our team, and to our growing client base.


Tom has been a successful CFO at two successful Siouxland businesses for 16 years, and also is well-versed in public accounting, having over 20 years experience in small business consulting, tax strategy, and fiscal planning. His experience includes expertly handling a wide array of business problems and challenges. He enjoys reviewing client operations and policies; in fact, his enthusiasm for planning and problem-solving is one of the reasons we knew he’d be a perfect fit.


He has most recently served as a Chief Financial Officer in private industry, leading two companies with annual revenues between $25 million and $50 million. On top of being knowledgeable about banking, loans, cash flow operations, and insurance, he has experience with various consolidated entities, including construction contractors, real estate ventures, and holding companies.


And Tom knows what it means to run a family business, too. He currently manages real estate holdings in the form of 40 residential rental units and knows the ins and outs of the rental real estate market better than most. This includes acquisition, financing, tenant qualifying, coordinating of maintenance and remodeling, and sales.


All of these aspects get to the heart of what we do at Timm Funk Associates and why we look forward to having Tom on our team. We are confident in what we do because we approach each situation as if it were our own business, and we know the value of another pair of hands and an extra set of eyes. And when you get an opportunity to add another ally to strengthen the chances of success, you take it.


Want to explore what the team at Timm Funk Associates can do for you and your business? Just ask.

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Timm Funk

Written by Timm Funk

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